Tuesday, May 28, 2013

YouTube comment bot with Psycho Script in 10 lines of code

Youtube Comment Poster with Psycho Script in 2 minutes

Hi all,
In this post I will show you how to make a YouTube comment poster bot with Psycho Script in 2 minutes.
Psycho Script comes with Incog Dai SEO software.

Below is code for commenting in Youtube videos.
//Remove the slashes (uncomment) the above line to use Internet Explorer
//First log out
browser = goto "https://accounts.google.com/Logout?continue=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com&service=youtube"
//Then click the sign in button
click elementby("partiallinktext","Sign") of browser
//Wait for 4 seconds for the page to load. Change it depending on your internet connection speed
sleep 4
//Replace YOURUSERNAME and YOURPASSWORD with your usename and password. Do not remove the quotes.
type "YOURUSERNAME" in elementby("name","Email") of browser
type "YOURPASSWORD" in elementby("name","Passwd") of browser
//Submit the form. Any element inside the form can be used to submit
submit  elementby("name","Passwd") of browser
//Now we are logged in and ready to post comments.
//Goto a url. You can load a list of urls from file and the post comments in all of them. For this example we will conside this one.
using browser goto "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZTXTPz9TC8"
//What to comment.
comment = "nice video man!"
//Find the comment box
commentbox = elementby("name","comment") of browser
//Youtube requires us to click to leave a comment. So click it
click commentbox
//After clicking type our comment
type comment in commentbox
submit commentbox
//End of submitter

If you want to load video urls from a file, comments from a file the use the code below after logging in.
//Load the video urls as a list
videourls = readlist("D:/youtubevideos.txt")
//load the comment file
spinnedComment = read("D:/youtubespinnedcomment.txt")
//for each url in list we want to post comment
for url in videourls do
  //What to comment. Get a random text from spinned comment
  comment = spin(spinnedComment)
  //Find the comment box
  commentbox = elementby("name","comment") of browser
  //Youtube requires us to click to leave a comment. So click it
  click commentbox
  //After clicking type our comment
  type comment in commentbox
  submit commentbox
end //our loop ends here


Monday, May 20, 2013

Incog Dai for SEO Automation with built in decaptcha

Incog Dai is a new software in market that can post comments to blogs, guestbooks while solving captcha automatically. You do not need to spend money on third party captcha solvers.

Built in Captcha Solver

Anti CaptchaWith Captcha solver built in, you no longer have to buy third party captcha solving services for what you intend to do with Incog Dai. This means captcha solving is done locally saving you bandwidth, time and money!


SERP Scraper

Incog Dai Google ScraperIncog Dai comes with Google SERP scraper. Incog Dai can scrape Google SERP pages so that you can build your own lists, track your positions etc. The lists you build can be used for various purposes like commenting, analyzing pagerank and scraping data.


Proxy Harvester

Incog Dai Proxy HarvesterIncog Dai has proxy support for every task you do to hide your identity. So Incog Dai also comes with Proxy Harvester that can scrape the proxies from the various sources in the web and saves the proxies in required format that you can use in other modules of Incog Dai like Google SERP Scraper, Comment Poster etc. The harvested proxies can also be directly used in other tools that you may have. So we have built the proxy harvester to save you the hassle of finding proxies to use!

Proxy Checker

Incog Dai comes with Proxy Checker module. Public proxies found on the internet are mostly dead or are very slow. Using these proxies will significantly decrease the success rate and performance of the tasks that you do with Incog Dai. Infact, this is true for all the software out there that use proxies. Thats why Incog Dai has proxy checking ability built in. Just give it a list of proxies and let Incog Dai separate you working and non working proxies at a click of a button! 
Note: There are tools that cost you hundreds of dollars that harvest proxies from the web and check them. But with Incog Dai you no longer have to spend your money in those tools!

Comment Poster

Incog Dai Comment PosterIncog Dai can post comments to Guestbook and Wordpress Blogs automatically. Supported guestbooks include Bellabook, Ricar and PHPBook. Captchas are solved automatically by Incog Dai so you do not need to spend another dime on third party captcha solving services.


Mass Google PageRank and Alexa Rank Checker

Incog Dai Comment Poster
Check Google PageRank and Alexa Rank for any number of sites. This can be used to analyze the strength that the competitor's page currently has. This module takes in bunch of urls and then checks the PR and Alexa Rank and then saves the result in CSV format so that you can further analyze it.


Backlink Checker

Incog Dai Backlink Checker
With Incog Dai's Backlink Checker module you can quickly check if the sites contain your link. No need to manually browse through the pages and find if they have your link or not!




Site Status Checker

Incog Dai Site Status Checker
Found some list on the net? Have you used them and found out later that most of the sites are dead or the page does not exist? This can be frustating. It is time consuming to check manually each and every url if they are still "alive". With Site Status Checker module this process just needs a couple of clicks! Yes a couple of clicks and Incog Dai divides those urls into "dead" or "alive".

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