Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Comment Blaster v 2.1

Updates in v2.1.2 (Released on 2/20/2012)
High CPU usage and Google harvester fixed.
Download Comment Blaster v2.1.2 

Updates in v2.1

Auto comments generation

Now you don't need to write generic, spammy comments like "Nice post, thank you" or "Great I have subscribed to you blog". These types of comments are easily flagged as spam and don't provide much value. But now those days are gone, Comment Blaster can automatically generate hundreds of comments based on your keyword. Just specify the keyword and number of comments to generate and the software does the rest. 
See the software in action

How to use

Update (How to get an application ID)
I thought this would be easy but many people are having problem getting an app ID from Yahoo. So here it is:
Goto http://developer.yahoo.com and click on my projects

After signing in goto https://developer.apps.yahoo.com/projects and click Add Project 
Select Standard type.
Enter your data for the application
If it was successful you should get the following. Enter the App ID in Comment Blaster's setting and click save.


kidspowerwheels said...

How to get application id? Could you please explain the process.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nice tool. But after imputing my yahoo application id and hitting the populate button, no automatically generated comments showed except {}. I tried all high competitive keywords i could think of but no success. What am I doing wrong? Pls jangedoo, I await your reply.

Thanks for the tool.

Jangedoo said...

make sure that your app id is correct and try entering some basic one or two words keyword. Also can you post some of the keywords that you are using??

Anonymous said...

jangedoo thanks for the reply,

Some of the keywords i was using are
dog training
fat loss
make money
online dating
... and many other high competitive keywords.

could it be because I registered with with yahoo app with a url that don't exist (i.e invalid)?

Jangedoo said...

Try entering this in your browser. Be sure to change the appID and query in the url.

If it returns result then there is nothing wrong with your app id or anything but if it says error or something like that create another appID with valid data. It wont do any harm if you submit correct info there. They have a limit of 5000 queries per day per appID so we wont violate any of their terms.

Anonymous said...

This program is awesome, thank you for releasing it free - i had a lot of fun with it in the last days.

Sometimes the specify url's wouldnt work for me, but when i restart next day, its working again ... until it wont work anymore ;)

But thats such a small little bug and normal url's still work in this cases. Its a great tool, thank you!

Anonymous said...

This tool looks awesome...but hardly any of the comments can be posted. I keep getting the response invalid URI: Hostname could not be parsed. Do you know how I can get around this?

Jangedoo said...

make sure your urls start with http:// else it will give errors like that.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Great. I have also been getting the error that not enough information could be gathered. Is that something I am doing or is it the sites I am trying to post to?

Jangedoo said...

Its because of the sites you are trying to post. Maybe they have either comments closed or thay are not wordpress sites at all.

Ebo Ndut said...

yeah, i do love this tool from the beginning.

and i do sure will loved it more if there's an options to choose country based search and populate comment from country based yahoo answers (in my own language of course).


Jangedoo said...

thanks for the feedback. If there are enough requests for this then I'll definitely add this feature.

yuyuhunter said...

More powerful!I like Comment Blaster !

Anonymous said...

Are all those symbols "[{" necessary?

Jangedoo said...

"[{" symbols?? I didn't quite get it.

Anonymous said...

Like in the video. you have { before you start writing (i.e name, email etc.)

Anonymous said...

I dont get any results for blogs..

Jangedoo said...

Those symbols are spintax. Basically, what that means is you are specifying alternates for those fields. If you write {hi|hello} then the software will choose either "hi" or "hello" while posting.

"{" = start of spintax
"|" = separators
"}" = end of spintax

{Hi|Hello}, your {article|post} is {nice|good}

above spinned sentence will produce either one of the following

Hi, your article is nice.
Hello, your article is nice.
Hi, your post is nice.
Hello, your post is nice.
and so on. I hope you understood. It is used for reducing footprints and creating many variations of the comments.

Jangedoo said...

I dont get any results for blogs..

Did you harvest a lot of urls at once? 200 - 300 at once without proxies? Google asks for captcha input if a large number of requests are sent in short period of time. When that happens the software cannot continue. So make sure you use proxies or try in few hours.

Anonymous said...

Under name do I put my keywords?

Jangedoo said...

ya names are anchor text. Put your keywords as name.

Anonymous said...

I still getno resutls. I have proxies and everything. Waited a day and still nothing. Even unistalling didn't help. Please fix if possible. Thanks

Anonymous said...

hai jangedoo

-what is import button function in proxy tab?

-because when i click it nothing happen

SmugAdmin said...

Awesome tool! I stood up some autoblogs that need a little SEO boost. I'm hoping Comment Blaster does the trick :-)

Jangedoo said...

Paste your proxies in the textbox above the import button and then click Import to use those proxies.

addurl said...

hey buddy thanks for doing such a help full job

am using 2.1 version but i cant able to check the page rank and its not working

and the button text are hidden

can u please fix the page rank checker

Jangedoo said...

Google updated the url for pagerank checking but I haven't updated it. I am busy these days so there won't be any new updates for some time.

I have noticed that problem in windows XP, in next update I'll fix it.

B. Nestor said...

Hi Jangedoo, thanks for this tool. should we be expecting blogger comment poster soon? Something like the old "bloglink generator". Even a semi automated one would be appreciated.

una said...

when i post a comment on wordpress site through software ,,it show it has posted the comment but when i check on wordpress site ,,there is no comment

mommaroodles said...

ur Awesome, thanks so much, I bet this is helping thousands of people, however, not for me yet, i'm not sure what to add in the first field of the blog tab and did watch the YT vid on the proxy thing, but still not sure how to use that - maybe I'm just having a blonde moment, but if there is a link you can direct me too or shed some light on those issues, I'd appreciate it :)

jasiek13 said...

I'm running Comment Blaster on Windows 7 with few threads set up in options. Problem is that it always use 99% of processor and it's slowing down my computer a lot. It's normal behavior for comment blaster or something is wrong ? Also program responsiveness when it runs on 99% is really bad. Problem happens when I start commenting

Jangedoo said...

@mommaroodles: In the Blogs tab, the first field is for entering search keywords, then choose one of the options from second field, third field is optional. Then enter the number of results you want to get from this search. Hit the Search button (this will do a Google search).

Then the table below will be populated by the links and other info. Right click anywhere in the table and click Select All or you can manually select the blogs to post comments on. Then hit the Comment button.

Jangedoo said...

@jasiek13: I am also using and developting this on win 7 but I am having no problem at all. With 4 threads, Comment Blaster is taking about 32K of memory and CPU Usage is about 2%.
Where did you download this file? May be it is infected if you downloaded it from other sites.
Can you post the screenshot of the taskmanager when this program is running?

Jangedoo said...

May the comment is in moderation, thats why it doesnot appear in the site when you check it. If a comment is in moderation then it won't show up in the site until the blog admin approves it.

jasiek13 said...

I got Core i5 processor and 4GB ram DDR3. Normally when doing nothing program takes 0-3%. Strange thing happen when I do something in options tab and click "save" then i got 25% load I think program make full load for one thread http://screenshooter.net/1691599/rlmarjl
When I start commenting it takes 50-70%, when threads stuck for more time on some sites (there is any timeout when going without proxy?) normally it happen after about 2 minutes, I got 99% load http://screenshooter.net/1691599/jlsftfe

One more thing. It's possible to run program with parametrs from command line? for example cb.exe -f source.txt -p proxy.txt -s(for name,mail,comment etc) settings.txt -r(for run on start) -x(exit on end)
It could be very usefull to handle very big lists of blogs or for making schedule in bat file or other application to make commentblaster to post for example 100posts per day for one month automatically

jasiek13 said...

One more. It's possible to nest in comment? For example {ala likes me|ala gots {cat|dog}}

Jangedoo said...

Hi, I looked at your screenshot and found it very unusual. I think your OS is 64bit but I havent tested on 64bit machine. I'll test it and try to replicate the problem and see whats happening.

No, you cannot run this program from command line. Maybe I'll make the tool as you said.

And nesting is not supported in any of the profile fields.

Anna said...

Hello Jangedoo,

thanks for this program.

I need your help on the following" you said

"get an application ID" and enter it at the setting tab.

I went to the yahoo link you provided i registered and i dont have a clue how to get the API.

i would appreciate it if you let me know how to do it



Luig said...

hello can you give me a list of blogs that i can use with your program?

Alan Usen said...

Thank you very much for your work. This is one of the best programs in my arsenal. I would gladly sacrifice some money in your account, but so far I do not have such an opportunity - not yet earned. Please do not give up this project - I will be waiting eagerly for updates. Once again, a sincere THANK YOU

naweed said...

Can you explain in more details how to get a yahoo app ID please? Thanks in advance

dorkar nai said...

Just installed it. Thanks for the FREE Software.
I'm fearing a thing, that is Proxy. I'm not still able to buy proxies. So, would I can use this safely? Without getting BANNED or getting any Penalty from Google?
What is the necessity of using such Proxies and if I don't use proxy, then what would be the BAD effect on my site?

Please Let me Know.

Jangedoo said...

this tool doesnot support private proxies. you don't have to "always buy" proxies. There is a good proxy harvester in the tool, use it to scrape proxies and check them with proxy checker, again, which is built-in. If you have problems then don't forget to watch the videos that I have posted in COmment Blaster posts.

about getting BANNED, I am using this tool for over a year and I am not having any problems at all. It is just a tool to automate things so the final results will be entirely based on how you used this tool (aggressively, swiftly, etc).

If you are going to comment on more than 100 blogs/day then I suggest you use proxies otherwise I think you should be fine.

d0cpaul said...

Awesome Software Jangedoo!

I just have one issue if its not already posted here.. Where can I find free reliable proxies to use with your software?

Thanks! Keep up the good work :)


I try to do a blog search but no results are displayed. I tried to reinstall but it changes nothing. It has just worked the first time and nothing since.

n0ne said...


I have the same problem. Perhaps Google made changes to there parameters?

pilonmaster said...

Please help.

Globalwealth said...

I have the same problem where there no results from the blog search!
Everything is setup properly with the Yahoo ID.
Appreciate your help!

Mr Own said...

Same issues.Blog Search is down.Can't get anything...What happen?

cellularism said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cellularism said...

same thing happened here..just installed today..yahoo app id accepted and its populate comments based on my keywords but as far as blog search is concern..not a single result appeared...any help??

Mihail said...

I also have the same problem (not a single result when using the harvester...)

I also experienced this issue with a previous version of this software after I used it for several months...

Did Google change something, or what happens?

rhodora said...

not working when searching blogs to post no single blog appears i think its already patched


Blackhat Articles said...

Yes, the scrapping doesn't work, but you can use an alternate tool for scrapping and then importing it to 'comment blaster'. check out my tutorial on how to do it.

faza bachkim said...

help me.. idont know use this

Vincent said...

Same thing is happening to me. You really should fix this before people start giving you bad reviews on other sites.

Mizuhashi Koike said...

Hi, I use your tools. But I get an error message.

"The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable".

I hope you can help me with this. Thanks

royan naimi said...

thanks fot the trick guys, i'll try it

Kaharuddin Eka Putra said...

hai jangedoo

-what is import button function in proxy tab?

-because when i click it nothing happen

Kaharuddin Eka Putra said...

I dont get any results for blogs..

Ahli Kompi

Kevin Le said...

the software doesn't search for the blog,have done all what you have said in the tutorial

Helta Alami said...

thanks for this information
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sheesh siddiqui said...

Nice bro

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