Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Comment Blaster v 2.1

Updates in v2.1.2 (Released on 2/20/2012)
High CPU usage and Google harvester fixed.
Download Comment Blaster v2.1.2 

Updates in v2.1

Auto comments generation

Now you don't need to write generic, spammy comments like "Nice post, thank you" or "Great I have subscribed to you blog". These types of comments are easily flagged as spam and don't provide much value. But now those days are gone, Comment Blaster can automatically generate hundreds of comments based on your keyword. Just specify the keyword and number of comments to generate and the software does the rest. 
See the software in action

How to use

Update (How to get an application ID)
I thought this would be easy but many people are having problem getting an app ID from Yahoo. So here it is:
Goto http://developer.yahoo.com and click on my projects

After signing in goto https://developer.apps.yahoo.com/projects and click Add Project 
Select Standard type.
Enter your data for the application
If it was successful you should get the following. Enter the App ID in Comment Blaster's setting and click save.

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