Friday, September 2, 2011

Comment Blaster v 2

Updates in v 2

Full multi threading
Now you can specify the number of threads you want to have for ultra fast comment posting.

I have completely rewritten the commenting engine along with other features such as instant auto approve blogs finding, better reporting and some minor updates.
New commenting engine posts comments with about 50 - 60 % success rate.

Now you know exactly why the comment was not posted
I've added four new features which include
  • Checking if the blog is dofollow or nofollow 
  • Checking if the comments are open or close 
  • Checking if captcha input is required 
  • Sorting by PR, Comment Status or any other column 

September 02
The following link management features have been added
  • Trim to Domain
    Extracts domain name from the link
  • Select Duplicate Links
    Select duplicate links that might be present in your list. You can then either delete or do what ever you want with those duplicates. (May be check PR first and delete the ones with low PR)
  • Select Duplicate Domains
    Same as above but selects duplicate domains.
September 04
  • Enhanched Proxy harvester and checker
    Now you can enter the list of URLs to harvest the proxies and check if they work at blazing speed.

    Video Demo

Download Comment Blaster v2 
A newer version is available here

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