Saturday, August 6, 2011

Starting Game Development with Ogre/MOgre

So from blackhat I decided to take some break and show off my skills on AI esp on Artificial Neural Networks. But people arent going to get excited after seeing this, just a bunch of numbers that makes no sense at all.
Thats why I decided to make some 3D games and hopefully these numbers will make gameplay experience better. But a journey to make 3D games on your own is a very tough one (3D models, AI, Programming, Audio bla bla).

I found Ogre and Irrlicht (these are just 3D rendering engines not 3D game engines). Worked with Irrlicht for a while but decided to move on to Ogre. Its been about a couple of weeks since I started learning Ogre. After two weeks of learnig I have managed to come up with this: nice third person camera, movement, terrain, sky but sadly no collision detection and physics

I have been trying to learn physics and collision detection for past few days but cant seem to get things together correctly with Ogre. I have tried Bullet physics, ODE and Newton Dynamics but with no success. If I dont get things right this time then I'm thinking to move on from Ogre to other engines with built in physics.

Donations will support the costs for the development and make the tools free for all!.


Anonymous said...

you could use Newton dynamics for physics and collision detection. Newton comes with MOgre

Alex said...


I have an idea for a web 2.0 mmorpg

A combination of theme park + sandbox, destroyable 'everything', user-generated content (from items, spells, trees to buildings, ships etc.).

Basically, a combination of MMORTS + MMORPG.

It'll be the mozilla firefox of mmorpgs. Probably like Titan, the new mmorpg secretly developed by Blizzard (I intuitively think it'll be a combination of second life + wow, having over 30.000.000 subscribers eventually...).

Anyway, my mail is alexandru dot pulpa at gmail dot com!

We can use basecamphq (project management tool) to collaborate on this project!

Tell me what you think, please. :) Thanks and take care!

Alex said...

By the way, great job with comment poster v2 :) You're the man!

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