Saturday, August 20, 2011

Comment Blaster v1.5 (Free Scrapebox Alternative)

Comment Blaster v1.5 is here!
  • Select urls based on page ranks. You get to choose the URLs based on the page rank you specify. Now you can just enter >5 or <9 or 2-5 to select urls with pageranks greater than 5 (non inclusive), pagerank less than 9 (non inclusive) and urls with pagerank between 2 and 5 (inclusive).

  • Select Inverse
  • Open in Browser. Launch the url in your browser for preview.
  • Multi-threading issues have been fixed.
Although the updates don't seem to be of desired "magnitude", these are really time saver and help you in building high quality links for your campaign.

Select->With Page Rank:
An input box will appear and you can enter either one of the following
  1. A fixed page rank. If you enter a numeric value like 4, then urls with page rank 4 are selected and others are deselected.
  2. < X or > X, where X = 0 to 9 only. Its obvious. If you want to select urls with pagerank less than 5 then enter <5 or if you want to select urls with PR greater than 6 then enter >6. (Remember! no spaces.)
  3. Range (X-Y). If you want to select urls with pagerank between 3 and 7 then enter 3-7. Again no spaces.

You will need to complete a survey to download. Sorry for this. After that you'll be taken to direct download page. Thank you!

Comment Blaster v2 is available Click here.


jason said...

you are really a genius, thanks for sharing such a useful tool however it would be nice if it can recognize dofollow blog

Anonymous said...

When i click on the comment button , the software closes without posting.
Please help me.

Jangedoo said...

It requires microsoft mshtml.dll 7.0.3300. If you dont have it in your computer then download it save it in your application directory i.e the folder in which the Comment Blaster is. Detail is on readme.txt

You can download that dll from here

djp said...

your app is great and the v2 will be greater. waiting for v2.

edc said...

I want the latest version of your comment blaster, and will pay for it, but I have all three of your softwares, bookmark,spinner and comment blaster and none of them work for me, I have a new computer with windows xp, I have a few questions to ask, could you please send me your email or email me at when you get a chance please, thank you

Jangedoo said...

Can you specify the error messages? Screenshots maybe...
Since you have mentioned that you have new computer with windows xp, I think you dont have the latest .NET framework installed. My tools work fine on systems with .NET framework 2 or above installed.
You can download the framework from Microsoft's website. That should solve you problem.

kalpsiz1 said...

nice tool....will try it

istanbul said...

very nice,thank you.

OxiGeN said...

very nice,thank you.

testi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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