Wednesday, June 15, 2011

GoogleSearch Rank Checker v1.4 (Special Release)

Ever wondered how people come up with list of hundreds of thousands of high PR websites for just about any niche, and not to mention the price they sell it at? Well, now you can build your own list of high PR websites, blogs, article directories, forums etc. This is my personal tool that I use to harvest links from Google and now I'm releasing it for public.

Ok what can this tool do?

Check your website ranking in the results for any keyword

Harvest links from Google upto 1000 at a time! Only 1000 because Google doesnot show the results any further.

Built in 40+ footprints to help you guys find exactly what you need. No need to remember those creepy "syntax".

Find everything: blogs, forums, video sites, article directories and everything in between. Found a new footprint? Then add it. You can even add your custom footprints and save it.

Find edu, gov sites effortlessly.

Built in query builder helps you make queries that are going to give you laser targeted websites that you are looking for.

Check pagerank of the websites.

And did I mention that you can start the search from any page you want so that you can virtually "resume" your search.

Lets say today you harvested urls upto 20 pages and if you want to do it again then you can start from page 20 directly!
No need to start over. Isnt this cool!

Proxy support

Export them, either to use it with other softwares or to sell.


Anonymous said...

where is the download link i cant see it

david henry said...

Hi saw your thread on blackhatteam. I am looking to get something very similar developed, I want a comment poster much the same as scrapebox fuction that can open in either internal or external browser and also find and post auto approve comments, is this something you could do?
If so i would be really keen to discuss further and get an idea of costs etc.

My email is
david henry


Virtual Quiapo said...

Is this version still working? I tried searching for some phrases but there were no results returned. While the v1.1 version was able to return some links.


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