Thursday, June 2, 2011

Backlink Blaster A New Social Bookmarking Software

In my marathon of getting backlinks at huge rate, I've come up with yet another automatic backlinking tool which is still in development but it is doing some real nice work!

Now this baby can create accounts and submit your websites in Pligg powered sites also. Most of the works are already finished. As soon as I integrate DeCaptcher captcha bypass I'm open for business :-)

P.S You can freely download and use previous version (It supports PHPDug sites only)

Video Demo

Update Backlink Blaster Beta Release
Today I've released Backlink Blaster. Backlink Blaster automatically creates account and bookmarks your site in PHPDug powered websites.


Guide---------- Profile Creation
1. Open the executable file (no setup required)

2. First you'll need to signup in various PHPDug powered websites so get a list of "PHPDug sites"

3. Goto Your profile tab and enter username, password and email

4. Goto PHPDug tab->Right click->Import
Select a text file which contains the urls

5. Click Create Profile button and the software will automatically create acounts

6. The status column shows either "Success" or "Failed" which has obvious meaning.

7. If you have checked "Auto Export Successful Signups" then the software will automatically save the urls on which the account was successfully created. It creates a file named "phpdugsites.txt" in the application folder. New urls will be automatically appended to the list so that you have only working urls.

Guide---------- Bookmarking
1. Goto Your profile tab, enter your site details

2. Goto PHPDug tab->Richt Click->Import
Select a file which contains the urls or ("phpdugsites.txt" file see above)

3. Click Start Bookmark

4. Watch :D

Here is the screenshots of the program [OLD]
phpdug poster by

phpdug poster by

I use my another tool called Google Search Rank Checker to harvest links. I've modified the tool in such a way that you can harvest links like never before. To give you a challenge go to Google and search for "Powered by PHPDug" and see how many PHPDug sites do you actually find in first few pages. Out of 30 or so I could find only about 7-8 actual PHPDug sites, rest of them were just crap. So I've included a feature that would allow us to search from any page we want and any number of results! I've found pure PHPDug sites after page 6.

phpdug poster by
For old version of Google Search Rank Checker you can go here.


Ledwizard said...

Thank you, You Awesome man! I come here form BHT and I want to say "I enjoy Your software"

Ezekiel Edilson said...

Hi buddy also came over from BHT. wouldnt mind giving your BETA proggy a test through, I like how its not another uBot studio app.

Whats the pricing you are looking at, theres a member on BHT called Abbs who has a similar app but its all done using uBot studio.


Jangedoo said...

Hello Ezekiel Edilson,
Thanks for your interest in this tool. It will take about 4 days to release beta version. I'm currently adding project management features and stuffs. Decaptcher integration is also complete. As soon as project management feature is complete I'll post it in BHT for beta release.
About the pricing, I don't want this tool to be very expensive as others like AutoPligg ($250) I guess. So price not be that high. And of course, special discounts for BHT members.

Finally about uBot, its for non programmers and I'm sure we wont have the control over the overall "flow" of the program.

kunal k said...

hey nice software i would love to test this software as i love playing with softwares all i can say is good going, i have used your other softwares too all are simply amazing

aa said...

i love your program....can i test the program too?

just sent to my email okay...:)

Bogdan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan said...

I was a tester of many, BMwizz, ingite seo, and many many others... I bought a couple of tools in the blackhat area .......If you would like a beta tester then send me an email ....

Obras said...

I would like to try your bera version. I have tried your tool that supports PHPDug sites only. Now I want to try Pligg powered sites too. Please send it to this email. Thanks

mythjen said...

This could be a very useful one..
Thanks :D

Nikhil Daiya said...

I will love to beta test the pligg tool.

Please PM me the download link @

waiting for your reply.

jitendra rawal said...

i want to test pligg system

pasha said...

i would love to beta test, you can send me at pashanara at

Surga PTC said...

I really like your tool, i come from BHT, and got your comment blaster link from BHT, after check the other page here, i absolutely say, that your tool are great. thanks for give this free to us

freepron said...

Yes, it's a great tool
I would like to test the beta
Just contact me via email:

Frank said...

I've been using Backblaster for a while and I like to beta test the new version.

sohail said...

i am in for beta test of pligg submitter, please send it to, will be back soon with its experience.


dslverfuegbarkeit1 said...

I want to test pligg submiiter, Please send to

n_^ said...

can someone re-upload backlink blaster to fileserver or filesonic? can't download from depositfile from my country..thanks

Hotel said...

Powered By PHPDug version 2.0.0 no post ???

Anonymous said...

you are awesome man! your tools are nice and neat!

neopio said...

hello, i would like to receive the beta tester for pligg....


Vince said...

Hi, i would like to know when the new pligg version will be released? I love the phpdug version you are a great programmer.

Jangedoo said...

I tried to integrate decaptcha service but unfortunately I don't have their account anymore so I stopped the development. But I might release it pretty soon.

Vince said...

Ok thats cool thanks for replying i'll be on the look out for its release!

Egyptain Gladiator said...

please, can you send me the beta prog for pligg....

fauza Ikhwanul Muslim said...

sure, I really like your tool, with the backlink blaster, i can increase my serp rank and traffic :) and I would be very happy, if you can give me to try your beta program for pligg, send to my email please!! :)

Yasir Ab said...

I want to try your software, it seems good! Please email me with download link & your rates!

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