Wednesday, June 15, 2011

GoogleSearch Rank Checker v1.4 (Special Release)

Ever wondered how people come up with list of hundreds of thousands of high PR websites for just about any niche, and not to mention the price they sell it at? Well, now you can build your own list of high PR websites, blogs, article directories, forums etc. This is my personal tool that I use to harvest links from Google and now I'm releasing it for public.

Ok what can this tool do?

Check your website ranking in the results for any keyword

Harvest links from Google upto 1000 at a time! Only 1000 because Google doesnot show the results any further.

Built in 40+ footprints to help you guys find exactly what you need. No need to remember those creepy "syntax".

Find everything: blogs, forums, video sites, article directories and everything in between. Found a new footprint? Then add it. You can even add your custom footprints and save it.

Find edu, gov sites effortlessly.

Built in query builder helps you make queries that are going to give you laser targeted websites that you are looking for.

Check pagerank of the websites.

And did I mention that you can start the search from any page you want so that you can virtually "resume" your search.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Get Free Spinner .NET Which Is Better Than Any Other Spinner Programs

So... here is my new tool again Spinner .NET. It is capable of automatically spinning the text and generating the text. If you don't know what a spin text is then it looks like this:

This {article|post} is {awesome|good|nice}

And the sentences that it generates are
This article is awesome.
This article is good
This article is nice
This post is awesome

A single spun text can generate many sentences and is used widely by blackhats and others as well.

Update v1.2

So what are the updates in this version?
Well, you can type your article in the editor and the suggestions for the word will be automatically displayed at upper left corner. Click any of those suggestions and it will be automatically added as spin text in your article.

Put the cursor over the word to get its synonyms.

Automatically generate spin text generates spin text automatically. For number of options between each spin "island" enter the values at bottom right corner. Default is 2 to 5 options per word.

Spinner .NET v1.2

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Backlink Blaster A New Social Bookmarking Software

In my marathon of getting backlinks at huge rate, I've come up with yet another automatic backlinking tool which is still in development but it is doing some real nice work!

Now this baby can create accounts and submit your websites in Pligg powered sites also. Most of the works are already finished. As soon as I integrate DeCaptcher captcha bypass I'm open for business :-)

P.S You can freely download and use previous version (It supports PHPDug sites only)

Video Demo

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