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Image Downloader .NET by

Do you frequently need to download images for your blogs, articles, reports etc? Saving images from the browser is pretty slow; you need to do a image search, then preview it, then Right click->Save Image... I don't like it that way because it is very time consuming. I need lots of pictures for my blog so instead of wasting my time searching for images and saving it in my computer, I have developed a tool called Image Downloader .NET

This is a free tool that automatically downloads well tens, hundreds and even thousands of images just at a click of a button. Yes, just at a click. You don't have to do anything besides providing the keyword.

How to use this software?
You need a Bing API key for this software to work. To get API key follow these steps.

Creating a New Application ID

Follow these steps to create an Application ID at Bing Developer Center:
  1. Point your browser to Bing Developer Center.

  2. Click Create an AppId.

  3. Sign in with your Windows Live ID. If you do not have a Live ID, click Sign Up Now to create one. Live ID authentication is required to use the Developer Provisioning System.

  4. Once you're signed in, click Get a new App ID to create a new Application ID for your application.

  5. Complete the following required boxes:

    • Application name

    • Description

    • Company name

    • Country/region

    • Email address

      Note: Bing will only contact you if changes that affect your use of the API occur. To also receive promotional offers from Bing, verify that the checkbox under the Email address box is selected.
  6. In the Website box, enter the website that will send requests to and display results from the Bing API. This box is optional.

  7. Use the scroll bars on the right side of the API terms of use box to view the contract to which you must agree in order to use the API.
    When you have reviewed the contract, if you agree to the terms, select the checkbox that indicates this agreement. Then click Agree.
    If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, click Don't agree.

  8. When you have successfully completed the preceding steps, the Your AppIDs page appears, displaying your new AppID as well as any others you have created previously. 
Now that you have API key, start the software, enter your API key, query and number of images to fetch and then click Search button. Thats it!

The images will be saved at Application Folder\{Your Query}\{image_files}. A folder will be created whose name is same as the query you provided for search and images will be saved at that folder.

Screenshots of Image Downloader .NET
Image Downloader .NET by
Application Launch. Enter your API key

Image Downloader .NET by
Enter your query, number of images and click Search

Image Downloader .NET by
Downloaded images will be saved in a folder named as the query you provided

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