Saturday, May 14, 2011

How To Encrypt Files and Folders in Windows 7

Some times protecting your private information can be really difficult especially when you share your computer with other people. No matter what people always have habit of sneaking around other's belongings. So to protect your personal and confidential files, there is an easy solution! Encrypt your data! Microsoft Windows provides an easy way to encrypt the file so that no other user can access your encrypted file. To open that file, one must be logged in to the user account that was used to encrypt it.

To encrypt a file in Windows 7 follow the following steps:
Right click the file you want to encrypt and click properties.
Click Advanced and check Encrypt contents to secure data
Click Ok
You are done.

Here is a video tutorial

Remember that the encrypted file won't run anywhere else except on your computer. To run or access that file you need to export the Security certificate (Personal Information Exchange) from your computer and import it to another computer.

Exporting security certificates will be discussed in next post.

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