Sunday, May 8, 2011

Google Search Rank Checker v1.1 (Updated 1.2)

Google Search Rank Checker v1.1
Google Search Rank Checker is a tool to check your ranking in the search engines so that you dont have to manually search and see where your website ranks. Just enter your website and keyword you wish to check for, then the Google Rank Checker does the rest. It checks your ranking in Google and Bing's search results.

Screenshot and Video

Google page rank checker by jangedoo

Download Google Search Rank Checker 1.1 Free

New Update
google search rank checker and scraper

New Features added in this version
  • Now you can search upto 1000 sites at a time! Previously it was limited to only 100. 
  • Allows you to start your search from any page so that you can discover hidden gems!
  • Export the URLs into text files so that you can use it with other softwares (very good for link building and stuffs). I use this software for harvesting thousands of websites for two of my softwares Comment Blaster and Backlink Blaster (PHPDugg Auto Subitter)
You will have to complete a survey before downloading the file :-) People are selling this type of software for 20-50 dollars or so and you are getting this for free. So I think it wouldn't hurt to complete a survey. If you don't want to complete the survey but want the software then wait till the next version comes and I'll make this one available for direct download.


CindyCBrown said...


first, many thanks to your wonderful software.

can you make the search results go to around 10000? and can you add proxy support? and also support for multiple keywords? :D

Great share!


Jangedoo said...

hello messageinabox,
search results dont exceed above 1000. To try yourself enter this
It says Page 72 of about 7,630,000,000 results (0.28 seconds).
It wont proceed further even though it says it has 7,630,000,000 results for the given query.

Ya I'm adding proxy and multiple keywords support feature.

resplond said...

Hi mate, I would like to grab this software, and frankly I don't mind filling surveys, however, from my country there is NEVER surveys available, thus no download for me...
(Sorry, There are no surveys available to your
country at this time. Please try back later.)
Is there any other way of getting this?

Kranik said...

Is there any other way of getting this?Thanks :(

my e-mail

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