Friday, May 27, 2011

Saving and Loading ListView Data in VB.NET

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to work (saving and loading) with list view. It allows to represent our data in very meaningful ways. We can classify data into groups, columns etc. But the tricky part is in retrieving and saving the contents of listview. I had a hard time trying to figure out how to save and load the data in listview.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Image Downloader .NET by

Do you frequently need to download images for your blogs, articles, reports etc? Saving images from the browser is pretty slow; you need to do a image search, then preview it, then Right click->Save Image... I don't like it that way because it is very time consuming. I need lots of pictures for my blog so instead of wasting my time searching for images and saving it in my computer, I have developed a tool called Image Downloader .NET

This is a free tool that automatically downloads well tens, hundreds and even thousands of images just at a click of a button. Yes, just at a click. You don't have to do anything besides providing the keyword.

How to use this software?
You need a Bing API key for this software to work. To get API key follow these steps.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Comment Blaster New Blog Commenting Software (Free Scrapebox Alternative)

Comment Blaster v4 New Check It Out
 Updates in v4
Comment Blaster 4 now uses database to store your contents (urls, proxies) so no need to mess around with numerous files.
Allows you to "Group" your urls, proxies and so on.
Allows you to specify filters to view the data that you need to see.

Multithreaded Proxy Harvester and Scraper.
Comment Blaster comes with proxy harvester and scraper. 

 SERP Scraper

Wordpress Commenter

WhoIs Submitter

3rd Party Captcha Solver Integration (
After downloading do not forget to check out these tutorials
Also check out these tutorials. 

Blog commenting one of the easiest, effective and free way of getting high quality backlinks. Manual blog commenting can take a lot a time so leave it in the hands of Comment Blaster. Comment Blaster is a url harvester and blog commenter. If you are reading this then I guess I don't have to explain about commenting and how time consuming it is, so lets see the features of this program:

Spinner Text Support:
It supports spinned text for profile information to create many variations and reduce footprints.
auto blog commenting software

URL harvester
Search for the blogs that you would like to comment on from the software

auto blog commenting software

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dungeon Siege III

Dungeon Siege III release date
Dungeon Siege III (DSIII or DS3) is an upcoming action role-playing game to be developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Chris Taylor, the original creator of Dungeon Siege will serve as an advisor during the development of the game. This is the third game in the series not to be developed by Gas Powered Games, (after Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna by Mad Doc Software and Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony by SuperVillain Studios) and the first to be published by Square Enix after it acquired the complete ownership of the Dungeon Siege franchise and is due to be released in 2011.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Generator Rex: Agent of Providence

generator rex agent of providenceGenerator Rex: Agent of Providence is an upcoming video game developed and published by Activision. The game is set to be released sometime in October 2011.

generator rex agent of providence

generator rex agent of providence

generator rex agent of providence

generator rex agent of providence

Activision has announced that they are bringing Cartoon Network’s top-rated animated series to your platform and handheld of choice this October with the upcoming release of Generator Rex: Agent of Providence.

Culpa Innata 2: Chaos Rising

culpa innata 2 chaos rising
Culpa Innata 2: Chaos Rising is an upcoming third person point-and-click adventure game by Istanbul-based developer Momentum DMT.
Culpa Innata 2: Chaos Rising begins with Phoenix's journey to the heart of chaos and resistance, the Rogue States, armed by a deceptively simple mandate. Meet the Russian detective in charge of the case, take custody of the captured murderer and transport him to the World Union to face ultimate justice. But Phoenix is not the same young woman who started this investigation and what began in Adrianopolis follows a wild and unpredictable path to surprising conclusions.

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently
So you are addicted to Facebook or you just hate Facebook and you want to delete your account permanently, follow these steps and you can permanently remove your Facebook account. Make sure you are 100% sure to remove your account permanently. This will remove all of your photos, relationships with friends ( in Facebook only, that is), status updates, messages etc.

How To Encrypt Files and Folders in Windows 7

Some times protecting your private information can be really difficult especially when you share your computer with other people. No matter what people always have habit of sneaking around other's belongings. So to protect your personal and confidential files, there is an easy solution! Encrypt your data! Microsoft Windows provides an easy way to encrypt the file so that no other user can access your encrypted file. To open that file, one must be logged in to the user account that was used to encrypt it.

To encrypt a file in Windows 7 follow the following steps:
Right click the file you want to encrypt and click properties.
Click Advanced and check Encrypt contents to secure data
Click Ok
You are done.

Here is a video tutorial

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wordpress Comment Poster v1

Wordpress Comment Poster is a tool that allows you to automatically or lets say semi-automatically post comments to the blogs without having to type in all the fields manually. You just browse as you normally do and when you encounter any blogs that are related to your niche then just fill in the required fields at a click of a button. No need to type again and again!
Worried about same content? This tool comes with Spinner text support!

Create a new project -> Enter profile information (name, website, email, comment) -> Browse blogs -> Click button -> Comment posted

Take a look at the screenshots and live video of the program.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Statistical machine translation

Statistical machine translation (SMT) is a machine translation paradigm where translations are generated on the basis of statistical models whose parameters are derived from the analysis of bilingual text corpora. The statistical approach contrasts with the rule-based approaches to machine translation as well as with example-based machine translation.

statistical machine translationThe first ideas of statistical machine translation were introduced by Warren Weaver in 1949, including the ideas of applying Claude Shannon's information theory. Statistical machine translation was re-introduced in 1991 by researchers at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center and has contributed to the significant resurgence in interest in machine translation in recent years. Nowadays it is by far the most widely-studied machine translation method.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Google Search Rank Checker v1.1 (Updated 1.2)

Google Search Rank Checker v1.1
Google Search Rank Checker is a tool to check your ranking in the search engines so that you dont have to manually search and see where your website ranks. Just enter your website and keyword you wish to check for, then the Google Rank Checker does the rest. It checks your ranking in Google and Bing's search results.

Screenshot and Video

Google page rank checker by jangedoo

Download Google Search Rank Checker 1.1 Free

New Update
google search rank checker and scraper

New Features added in this version
  • Now you can search upto 1000 sites at a time! Previously it was limited to only 100. 
  • Allows you to start your search from any page so that you can discover hidden gems!
  • Export the URLs into text files so that you can use it with other softwares (very good for link building and stuffs). I use this software for harvesting thousands of websites for two of my softwares Comment Blaster and Backlink Blaster (PHPDugg Auto Subitter)
You will have to complete a survey before downloading the file :-) People are selling this type of software for 20-50 dollars or so and you are getting this for free. So I think it wouldn't hurt to complete a survey. If you don't want to complete the survey but want the software then wait till the next version comes and I'll make this one available for direct download.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Nepali Unicode, Nepali Unicode Converter, NepaliUnicode, Nepali Type Online

This is a tool to convert or transliterate English into Nepali.
Type in English (Press Ctrl+g to toggle between English and Nepali)

Online Nepali Typing, Type Nepali Online, Nepali Unicode
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Google Page Rank Checker

I usually search google for my ranking and I waste a lot of time searching for where I rank. So I've made a simple tool that checks the rank for your website for any given keyword in Google. Currently, it only searches in Google Web search but I'll be adding functionality to search in Google and Bing for (Web, Images and Video) search.
google page rank checker

How to use it?
Enter your website URL without "http" and "www" part
Then enter your keyword to search for
Enter number of results to be analysed (max is 100)
Then click Search!

Download at Deposit Files

iPad 3 Release Date, Price and Specifications

iPad 3 Release Date, Price and SpecificationsNow that the most popular tablet iPad is going to make a major leap into its third edition iPad 3, people are expecting hot features that will make them buy it.

Rumors say that iPad 3 will have the following specs

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Disk Defragment- What is it?

Fragmentation makes your hard disk do extra work that can slow down your computer. Removable storage devices such as USB flash drives can also become fragmented. Disk Defragmenter rearranges fragmented data so your disks and drives can work more efficiently. When you delete something, the slot of memory it used is left behind. Also when creating files, the files get broken into several pieces and the pieces of a single file is scattered all over the hard drive. This is because the computer stores the data starting at the beginning of the drive and in the slot that has enough memory to hold it. If a slot has not enough space then it moves on to another slot that has enough space. Now what happens is, even to access one file the head of the hard drive has to move to several locations where the pieces of the file is stored. This makes the access time slow and your computer will not respond as quickly as expected.

When you defragment your drive, the pieces of the files are stored together so that they can be accessed quickly and the computer doesnot use up the resource trying to locate the pieces of files. The stored data are rearranged so that they are contigious instead of fragmented.

To defragment a disk in Windows:

How can you protect yourself from online fraud or identity theft?

In this "online age" of technology, everything is done online from communicating, shopping to medical diagnostics and other stuffs. With this increasing trend of users going online, it has become increasingly important for them to protect their personal data. So how to protect your personal details, passwords, credit card numbers? In this post I'll mention some few tricks that will help prevent your private information from being stolen.

Ever wondered why there are ridges in 'F' and 'J' keys of the keyboard?

People who touch-type (type without looking) use these two ridges to determine the position of their fingers on the keyboard. Touch typists put the index finger of their left hand on F and the index finger of their right hand on J before they type so they know where their fingers are at.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sony PlayStation Portable PSP-3000

Sony PlayStation Portable PSP-3000
The PSP-3000 PlayStation Portable offers a beautiful screen that is brighter than ever, giving you a multitude of entertainment options on the go. Play games, listen to music, connect to the Internet, watch movies, and do more, all in a sleek compact package that you can easily bring with you wherever you go.

* Piano Black PlayStation Portable includes built-in microphone
The latest Playstation Portable revision, the PSP-3000, has everything the older PSPs had but now includes a built-in microphone, which lets you take advantage of voice features in some games as well as the PSP's built-in Skype functionality without having to use a headset.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

PlayStation 3 160 GB

sony playstation 3 160 gb
The fourth generation of hardware released for the PlayStation 3 entertainment platform, the PlayStation 3 160GB system is the next stage in the evolution of Sony's console gaming powerhouse. Loaded with a mix of multimedia features and functions available on earlier PlayStation 3 models, as well as a series of new advancements and refinements, the PlayStation 3 160GB system is destined to push the envelope in the realm of Next-Generation entertainment. 

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