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Wii 2, Wii HD, Nintendo Stream Release Date

Wii 2, Wii HD, Nintendo Release Date
Project Café (colloquially referred to as Wii 2, Wii HD, or Nintendo Stream) is the codename for Nintendo's upcoming video game consoleand successor to the Wii. The system will be released in 2012 and will be demonstrated in playable form at the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2011, where the system's specifications will be announced.

In April 2011, an unnamed source indicated that Nintendo was planning on unveiling the successor to the Wii during E3 2011, that would be capable of running in HD resolutionsand will be backward compatible with Wii software. It was also rumored that the console would feature an all new controller with a built in high-resolution screen.

The origin of the rumor for the codename (and many other details) was French technology publication 01net. 01net had previously revealed the technical specifications of Sony's Next Generation Portable before it was announced. Claims have been made that the new machine is significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is likely that the new console will feature resolutions as high as 1080p. However, many sources doubt that it will feature 3D graphics like Nintendo's latest handheld, the Nintendo 3DS. 01net also claims to know some of the technical specifications of the new console (translation from Develop): "CPU is custom IBM PowerPC with three cores, GPU should be an ATI from theR700 family, with a shader unit at version 4.1. RAM should be at least 512 MB."

Wii 2, Wii HD, Nintendo Release Date
Many claims are focused on the new controller, which will allegedly feature dual analog sticks, a standard D-pad, two bumpers, two triggers and "possibly more". IGN compared the functionality of the new controller to a Nintendo GameCube controller. 01net claims the controller is "a touch tablet controller, with moderate graphic output," comparing the controller to an iPad with buttons. They also added that there is a front-facing camera on the controller. Supposedly, the controller will also feature six-axis motion controls that outperform aPlayStation Move motion controller (in terms of fidelity), as well as a built-in sensor bar. Many sources agree that the new controller features a 6-inch touchscreen. 01net took the rumor a step further and claimed that the touchscreen would be single-touch. Sources from CVG claimed that the controller featured a high-resolution screen. IGN claims that the controller will allow players to stream entire games to the controller from the console, and that the console itself "is likely to resemble a modernized version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)." Satoru Iwata has gone on record as suggesting that keeping down development costs was of critical importance to Nintendo.

According to Edge, THQ president Brian Farrell allegedly told investors: "We don't expect new hardware any time soon from either Microsoft or Sony. It's different on Nintendo – we'll let them announce their new hardware". Nintendo has not commented on the claims, saying only that "Nintendo does not comment on rumors or speculation".

In a recent interview with, when asked about the existence of Project Café, Shigeru Miyamoto expressed that readers should not believe everything they read and that Nintendo is always working on new hardware, some of which will never be seen. Since they never know what direction they will go for their next console or when they will release it, they do not disclose that information publicly.

On 25 April 2011, Nintendo released a statement officially announcing a system to succeed Wii. They simultaneously announced that it would be released during 2012, and that playable console units would be present at E3 2011 (June 7–9).

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